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MALPENSA EXPRESS is a service managed by TRENORD railway company.

TRENORD S.r.l. employs over 4,000 people and is the only company in Italy that deals exclusively with public transport by rail of a single region. Lombardy is the most "mobile" area in Italy, where over 750,000 people travel by train every day.

TRENORD is the first operator to specialise in local transport by rail. It manages the suburban and regional rail service, the airport service Malpensa Express (from Milano Cadorna, Milano Centrale, Milano Porta Garibaldi) and the Lombardy-Canton Ticino cross-border service, providing a total of 2,300 journeys per day,  predominantly towards the hub of Milan.

The company was established on 3 May 2011, by merging the experience, know-how and facilities of Trenitalia (Regional Division for Lombardy) and LeNORD (FNM group) - each of which has a 50% holding - in order to rationalise and optimise rail services in Lombardy.

The development of a modern, efficient and sustainable mobility system is a priority and a challenge that Regione Lombardia has put at the top of its agenda. Indeed, its status as both sponsor and body of primary control for local public transport makes the regional authority guarantor of the service.