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Developed by Trenord and Mastercard for Malpensa Express customers, the system means you can pay for your airport connection ticket by simply holding your contactless Mastercard, Maestro, Visa or American Express card (credit card, debit card, pre-paid card) or your smartphone with NFC (Near Field Communication) near one of the 8 special turnstiles and digital signage towers in the stations of Milano Cadorna, Centrale, Porta Garibaldi, Bovisa and Malpensa T1 and T2.

The inspectors will check you have paid by scanning your card or NFC smartphone with their electronic scanner. With the contactless service, you can purchase a single-journey ticket from Milan to Terminal 1 and 2 of Malpensa or vice-versa for one passenger.

The system guarantees secure payments. In fact, contactless transactions use the same security techniques used for managing all payments with traditional cards. With contactless technology, no transaction can be made if the POS is not activated; the card works only if held at a distance of 4 centimetres or less from the POS, and there is no risk of double charge. Even if the POS scans the card more than once, only one transaction is recorded.

To use the contactless service there are two digital signage towers in the train station of Malpensa Terminal 1, two in Terminal 2, one in the station of Milano Porta Garibaldi near platform 13 and one in Milano Centrale near platform 3. There are eight special turnstiles in the station of Milano Cadorna (four entrance and four exit turnstiles) and two in the station of Milano Bovisa (one entrance and one exit turnstiles).

While not required for inspection, you can download a Pdf file and print the receipt for the ticket purchased Click here.


In addition to Mastercard, the other partners in the contactless project are Intesa Sanpaolo, Mercury Payment Services, Ingenico Italia, NordCom and SIA.