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Do you know what rules you have to respect when traveling by plane?

Monday 15/02/2021

With the Malpensa Express, we take you from Malpensa Airport to Milan and vice versa, in less than an hour, but, before leaving by plane, you are informed about the rules for traveling, in this period of health emergency from covid-19?


With the DPCM March 2, 2021, movements to and from abroad and within the national territory were regulated. 5 lists of countries have been established, based on the risk of contagion, with different rules and restrictions for each list.

Anyhow, from March 31, the Farnesina recommends all compatriots to avoid travel abroad except for strictly necessary reasons.

If you need to travel from Italy to foreign countries, check the Viaggiare Sicuri website for the rules in force in the country of destination and transit countries of your trip.

With the ordinance of May 14, the obligation of fiduciary isolation and health surveillance was removed for those coming from the countries included in list C. The compilation of the digital form remains in force, as per the ordinance of April 16, 2021.

Since April 27, new restrictions have been introduced for travelers arriving from India, from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, as well as from all countries not included in lists A, B, C and D. More details are available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and InfoCovid.

If you travel from Milan Malpensa to another Italian airport, you will need to fill in a different self-certification, to certify the reason for the trip, which will be checked by the State Police before security checks. Please take this additional time into account when planning your departure!

We recommend that you always check, before organizing your trip, the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that of Viaggiare Sicuri for all updates on the rules governing travel.