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Have a safe journey on Malpensa Express

Monday 14/09/2020




On September 7, the new Prime Ministerial Decree of September 7, 2020, which, among other things, governs travel from/to abroad from September 14, was approved. 

In particular, anyone flying from abroad to Italy must fill in a self-certification form and hand it over to the airline before departure.

For more information, you can consult the dedicated section of the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the website www.viaggiaresicuri.it.





Let's not let our guard down now. We are at the first real test of recovery: offices, schools ... normal life tries to restart. In order for this restart not to be critical, all public transport players - transport companies, station and network managers, policy makers and, last but not least, customers - must be aware that it will not be a simple return to normal habits. of the pre-emergency service.


The return to extended social coexistence requires an extra effort.


Any tool will not be sufficient without the awareness and individual responsibility that the actions of the individual can put everyone's existence at risk.


From 14th September, let us help each other to be more responsible for each other.




We return to occupy all the available seats, but we do not stand in the corridors. We pay close attention to entry and exit flows from trains and stations, to create regulated queues or, where possible, to avoid them.

Distributing the service throughout the day is correlated to an important change in the pace of life - dictated by the possibilities given by smartworking, by the prolonged openings of commercial establishments and by revisited and more flexible working hours.

We increase the freedom of choice of our customers, taking care of real time information. Know more to better decide how to organize your trip. Train filling status and station crowding are information that you can always find updated on the Trenord App.




1. Avoid staying in the closed rooms of the station, except for travel-related needs (timetable consultation, ticket purchase, self-certification compilation ...);

2.Choose the most free areas of the dock and always stay at least one meter away from other people. Arranged along the entire platform, to avoid crowds at the train doors and to minimize travel once you get on the train;

3. Always wear the face covering correctly (nose / mouth), even while waiting for the train;

4. Wait for all passengers to get out. Line up near the door of your choice and wait for your turn to enter. Promote an orderly flow. Avoid gatherings;

5. Don't insist on fetting on the train. Respect the sound announcements at the station or the conductor. Follow the directions you will find on board. The train will not be able to leave if it exceeds the required filling levels - which now correspond to 100% of the seats and some standing places in the vestibules alone - leaving the carriage corridors free;

6. Always download and use the Trenord App to be informed on the status of traffic, on information relating to possible gatherings in the stations and on the filling status of the main trains at peak times;

7. Always pay attention to station messages. If the arriving train does not offer spaces, we ask you to desist and wait for the next one.




1. Always, and correctly, wear a face covering. 


2.Avoid staying in the train aisles as much as possible. They must remain free for getting on and off the train. In any case, follow the instructions on right distancing

3. Clean your hands frequently, do not touch your face and eyes.


4. You can use all the seats. It is no longer necessary to occupy them in a checkerboard pattern or in any case keep a seat away from each other.

5.  Avoid moving on board the train as much as possible.

6. Follow the progress of your train on the app and check if there is information on any gatherings in the stations.



Our trains are sanitized several times a day with a process certified by the Chemical Engineering Department of the Politecnico di Milano. We therefore invite you not to leave your waste on board the train, to facilitate cleaning and sanitizing operations. Never leave your face covering on the train. 

Use our online channels to purchase your tickets

Plan to travel by train only if it is strictly necessary and if you are in good health. Before leaving, always check the information on your trip, buy tickets online and monitor the status of your train on the website and App.

Yes, stations and waiting/ticket buying areas are accessible, even if subject to the rules of social distancing and access quotas - according to government directions. Avoid stopping in indoor station areas, except for travel related needs (consultation of timetables, purchasing tickets, etc.) Follow the instructions on the station and platform signs. Always keep the correct distance from those sharing the common areas with you.