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Friday April 23 2021: changes to rail transport in Lombardy due to a strike by the Or.S.A.

Friday 16/04/2021

We inform you that, on Friday 23 April 2021, the Or.S.A. has proclaimed a strike from 09:00 to 16:59 which could have repercussions on railway traffic in Lombardia.

The Regional, Suburban Service and the Airport Service may be subject to variations and / or cancellations.

The guarantee time slots are not involved in the strike.

It should be noted that trains departing from the Official Timetable by 09:00 and that arrive at their final destination by 10:00 am will arrive at the end of the journey.

For airport services only, in the case of non-running trains, the following may be established:

  • bus between Milan Cadorna and Malpensa Airport T1 without intermediate stops (from Milan Cadorna buses will depart from via Paleocapa 1).

More details will be available by following the updates on train circulation in real-time through our App or on the director pages of the website www.trenord.it.

Since repercussions on railway traffic at the end of the strike are conceivable, we invite you to pay attention both to the sound announcements transmitted in the stations and to the information scrolling on the monitors.