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September 16, 2022: Local Public Transport Strike, FERROVIENORD involved

On Friday 16 September, from 09:01 to 16:59, there is a strike to which only the staff of the infrastructure manager FERROVIENORD S.p.A. could participate.

The trade union agitation could, in that case, generate repercussions on the service offered by Trenord.


Trains running on the FERROVIENORD network will be interested:

  • S2/S4Milan Cadorna - Mariano/Camnago
  • S3 Milan Cadorna - Saronno
  • Milan Cadorna - Como Lake
  • Milan Cadorna - Novara Nord
  • Milan Cadorna - Varese/Laveno
  • Brescia / Iseo - Edolo


Also involved are airport connections :

  • Milan Cadorna / Milan Centrale / Milan P.ta Garibaldi - Malpensa Airport
  • S50 Malpensa Airport - Bellinzona


On the other hand, possible repercussions in the mixed management sections will be involved. in particular on the lines:

  • S1 Saronno - Milan Passante - Lodi
  • S9 Saronno - Seregno - Milan - Albairate
  • S13 Milan Bovisa - Pavia


Trains circulating exclusively on the RFI railway network will not be involved. 

We specify that the trains circulating exclusively on the FERROVIENORD lines, with scheduled departure from the station of origin by 9:00 am, will arrive to the final destination.
As regards mixed-management trains arriving/departing from/for the RFI network, the departure time from the Milan Bovisa and Seregno stations applies.


In case of cancellation of trains, for airport connections only,buses without intermediate stops will be established between:

  • Milan Cadorna and Malpensa Airport (from Milan Cadorna they will depart from via Paleocapa 1)
  • Busto Arsizio FS and Malpensa Airport for the S50 line


More details are available on the website www.trenord.it and following the updates on train circulation in "real-time" through our App.

We invite you to pay attention to both the sound announcements broadcast in the stations and the information scrolling on the monitors.


Notice 149/2022 [pdf]