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Temporary suspension of bicycle transport

Milan, 5th June 2020 - Too many bicycles on board trains, impossible to guarantee safety and social distancing.


For these reasons Trenord has banned bicycles in carriages. Folding bicycles, scooters and similar vehicles that are not bulky, with dimensions not exceeding 80x120x45cm and stowed properly, remain allowed.


During the period of the health emergency, particularly in the last few days after the lockdown, the phenomenon of metropolitan riders has reached unsustainable levels of numbers at every hour of the day. There are real "assaults to trains" with hundreds of bicycles, which affect the safety of railway operations and make it impossible to maintain the distances post-Covid19 between the available seats - 50% of those seated, 15% of those standing - during the ride, boarding and disembarking.


Lack of compliance with the rules - no more than 5 bikes per carriage in the pre-Covid period - can no longer be prevented by railway staff only. The phenomenon is expanding, risking the mobility that connects the suburbs to the centre.


Trenord has always promoted the transport of bicycles on trains in order to increase sustainable mobility, even with dedicated commercial offers and intends to continue to do so, only if passenger safety is guaranteed and distance is respected.


In the next coming days Trenord will announce the trains on which it will be possible to bring bicycles on board.