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Malpensa Express is the train to Malpensa that allows easy access to the airport from Milan Cadorna and Milan Centrale stations.
Terminal 1 station has four tracks and is located on the airport floor -1, easily accessible thanks to an internal walkway.


How to get to Malpensa Terminal 1 from Milan Centrale

The Malpensa Express route - from Milan Centrale to Malpensa Terminal 1 - has a duration of about 51 minutes.

  • Stops are:
  • Milan Centrale
  • Milan Porta Garibaldi
  • Milan Nord Bovisa
  • Saronno
  • Rescaldina
  • Castellanza
  • Busto Arsizio Nord
  • Ferno-Lonate Pozzolo
  • Malpensa – Terminal 1
  • Malpensa – Terminal 2


How to get to Malpensa Terminal 1 from Milan Cadorna

The Malpensa Express train from Milano Cadorna to Malpensa Terminal 2 depart every 30 minutes. The total duration of the trip is approximately 37 minutes.


Stops are:

  • Milano Cadorna
  • Milano Nord Bovisa
  • Saronno
  • Busto Arsizio Nord
  • Malpensa – Terminal 1
  • Malpensa – Terminal 2



Where to buy Malpensa Express tickets for Malpensa Terminal 1

Tickets for Malpensa Express Terminal 1 can be purchased conveniently online.

  • To purchase online you will need:
  • Choose the most suitable travel solution indicating time, departure station and arrival station;
  • Pay by credit card, PayPal, Satispay or using a Trenord prepaid card.

In case of a on board check, it will be sufficient to provide the PNR code of the digital ticket or the purchase confirmation email.

Tickets can also be purchased at

railway stations

or in the two ticket offices located inside Malpensa Airport Terminal 1, with following opening times:
  • Ticket office inside the station: 6:30 – 21:00;
  • Arrivals area ticket office: 7:00 – 21:00.

One-way ticket (Adult fare) from Milan is € 13.00. The ticket is valid up to 3 hours starting from the departure time of the train selected during the purchase.