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What is it?

The Mobility Charter is the document that regulates relations between transport companies and those who use their services, through an explanation of the principles of their activity, the elaboration of objectives relating to the main quality indicators, and the most important commitments to be pursued in the year of reference.



What is it for?

Through the Mobility Charter, together with the other documents that explain the characteristics and quality factors of the services it provides, Trenord:


  • provides information on its organisation and the services it provides

  • presents the quality indicators and the relative margins for improvement

  • encourages collaboration with its customers in terms of sharing objectives and results.

From this perspective, with respect to those who use the service, the Mobility Charter represents an important tool for the periodical verification of the company's results, as well as a fundamental stimulus for continuous improvement.

Download the Mobility Charter:

Mobility Charter 2018 (314 kB)

Mobility Charter 2017 (1.03 MB)

Mobility Charter 2016 (1.22 MB)

Mobility Charter