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Tickets and timetables for Malpensa Airport T1 - Milano Porta Garibaldi

Train travel with Trenord: discover all the amenities of the Malpensa Airport T1 - Milano Porta Garibaldi 


If you must reach Milano Porta Garibaldi from Malpensa Airport T1 but you aren't bothered to get in a congested highway, whether for work, travel or any other reason, the train works for you. Malpensa Express trains offer 41 minutes cozy and relaxing journey without changes, not worrying about it. The rail link starts from 5 until 23:30 with 34 daily rides. This way you can decide to leave any time of your day. If you need more info or clarifications, keep reading and you'll find the answers.



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Travel information

The distance between Malpensa Aeroporto T1 and Milan Central Station is 49 km.
The Malpensa Express train service on the Milano Centrale - Malpensa Aeroporto T1 line connects Malpensa Aeroporto T1 to Milano in about 51 minutes.

From Milano Centrale the first train leaves at 5:25, the last train at 23:25.
From Malpensa Aeroporto T1 the first train leaves at 5:43, the last train at 22:43.

From Malpensa Aeroporto T1 to Milano Centrale the price for a Malpensa Express ticket is 13€.

Discounted tickets for children are also available, as well as supplements for bicycle and animal transport.

The Milano Centrale - Malpensa Aeroporto T1 line crosses the provinces of Milano and Monza and Brianza, where the STIBM integrated tariff system is in force. Only to travel between two stations, both in the STIBM area, you need to purchase an integrated STIBM ticket..

Journey time

About 41 minutes




49 km


34 daily rides

First train


Last train


Starting station

Malpensa Airport T1