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3.8 million travellers in 2022 flew with Malpensa Express

Wednesday 15/02/2023

In 2022, 3.8 million passengers chose Malpensa Express trains to reach Malpensa International Airport: three years after the start of the pandemic, travellers on the airport link are back to 2019 levels.


Driving the recovery were major international events, which offset a decline in January due to a pandemic spike.


Offering 145 rides a day between Milan and Malpensa Airport has enabled Malpensa Express to gain passengers, compared to the other available means of transportation to the airport. The percentage of travellers choosing the train in 2022 was 18 percent; it was 13.3 percent in 2019.


In 2022, the peak was in November, when one in five passengers to and from the airport chose the train.


Who chooses Malpensa Express to Malpensa Airport?
The average Malpensa Express customer is 37 years old; one out of every four passengers is a foreigner, a result that is up from the 10.4 percent recorded in 2019.


23% of passengers used the airport link for the first time; 48% use it for their journey to and from the airport several times a month or a year.


Thirty percent of Malpensa Express tickets were purchased through digital channels.