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Don't stop in Milano Centrale or Milano Cadorna!

Thursday 26/11/2020

Did you know that with the Trenord App (available for iOS and Android) you can buy the Malpensa-Milan airport ticket + the integrated STIBM Mi1-Mi3 urban ticket together to travel on all public transport in Milan, including the metro?

At € 15 for the adult ticket (€ 13 Malpensa-Milan + € 2 Urban integrated Mi1-Mi3) or € 8.50 for children (up to 17 years), you gain the freedom to arrive at your destination without stopping.





First download the Trenord App and register (just name, surname and e-mail), if you already have it, update it. Click on the "Buy" button (in the navigation bar at the bottom); click on the MXP tab, choose your trip from Malpensa to Milan.

In the purchase summary, you will be offered the option of adding the STIBM urban ticket (Mi1-Mi3). That's all. Very simple.




Find the 2 tickets purchased (Airport + Urban integrated) in the Tickets section (access from the navigation bar at the bottom)>

The Airport ticket is pre-validated and does not need to be activated (you have chosen the day and time of validity during the purchase, but know that if for any reason you miss the train, you can use the same ticket up to 3 hours after date and time reported); the integrated urban one does not report the day and time of use, it is undated, in fact you can use it when you need it and to do so you only need to activate it with a click on the (TAP & GO) button, the validity of 90 minutes starts from that moment.

During the 90 minutes, the (IN USE - VIEW) button will appear, press the button to view the QRCODE every time you have to go through an ATM turnstile, both in and out.




Why do I have to register to buy MXP + STIBM?

Stibm tickets allow access to the subway via a dynamic QRcode and must be used by the Trenord App which allows the code to be regenerated every time you leave or enter a turnstile, and are associated with the device from which they were purchased. If you do not register, the buy Stibm ticket option does not appear in the purchase flow.


From the Trenord App, in the section dedicated to MXP, I see that I can buy more Malpensa Express tickets but only 1 STIBM integrated ticket, why?

It is due to a current constraint on the use of STIBM tickets that takes place via your smartphone, so it is neither useful nor possible to purchase 2 tickets that cannot be used at the same time nor can they be sold or sent.