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Golasecca Civilisation

On permanent display at the Malpensa T2

Monday 14/10/2019

A wide selection of archaeological finds dating back to the formative phase of the Golasecca Culture (XII-X century BC) - found during the excavations for the construction of the railway connection between the two Malpensa terminals by the FNM Group - is on permanent display at the Terminal 2 railway station of the international airport.


The exhibition brings together 77 original objects and structures, accompanied by multimedia devices that illustrate the origins of the Insubri; the first Celts of Italy to whom we owe, during the subsequent Iron Age, both the development of a network of business contacts between the Mediterranean and central Europe, and the foundation of major cities in Lombardy around Milan.


In total, 81 burials with ceramic and bronze objects were found during the FNM Group's work on the railway connection between the two Malpensa terminals, inaugurated in December 2016. The excavated tombs contained the cinerary urn - a ceramic vase with the cremated remains of the deceased - with a set of armillae (bracelets), fibulae (brooches) and rings. There are more than 300 finds, all inventoried, catalogued and restored.


‘La Civiltà di Golasecca - Gli Insubri, primi Celti d'Italia’ (The Golasecca Civilisation - The Insubri, the first Celts of Italy) represents a large, unprecedented showcase; an element of surprise and great visual suggestion in a place as unique as the railway station in the terminal of an international airport. On the one hand, the exhibition allows visitors to see the findings at a very short distance from where they were discovered, and on the other, it makes them visible to hundreds of thousands of people, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

More info: www.civiltagolasecca.it