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Discover the latest offers for Malpensa Express customers to enjoy exclusive shopping at Serravalle Designer Outlet

Wednesday 15/11/2023

Travel in comfort from Malpensa to Serravalle Designer Outlet and get 10% discount on your purchases with the Fashion Passport.


When you travel on the Malpensa Express, enjoy amazing new offers for shopaholics! Now you can enjoy a hassle-free day of shopping with our exclusive special ”Serravalle Outlet MXP Express” tickets.


With our special “Serravalle Outlet MXP Express" tickets, you can travel from Malpensa airport to Milan on the Malpensa Express, and from Milan to Serravalle Designer Outlet with the luxurious Zani Viaggi coaches, all as one convenient package. Your shopping trip begins straight from the airport!


But there's more!

Every customer who buys a “Serravalle Outlet MXP Express” ticket will receive our Fashion Passport, completely free. With the Fashion Passport you can enjoy a 10% discount on most Outlet stores, saving even more as you shop in your favourite boutiques.


Buy your ”Serravalle Outlet MXP Express” ticket now, book your transfer with the Zani Viaggi coach (up to 7 days after your trip on the Malpensa Express, for the "Return" offer) and enjoy a stress-free day of shopping with great savings. Don't miss this unique opportunity!


For more information and to purchase your ticket visit the Serravalle Outlet MXP Express offer page.