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Malpensa Express: a service to connect Lombardy with the rest of the world

Monday 08/07/2024

By train from Milan to Malpensa: Malpensa Express is the Trenord service that directly connects the city of Milan and Malpensa International Airport, from 4 in the morning to 1 o'clock at night.


The service runs 147 trips daily connecting Milan's main stations - Centrale, Porta Garibaldi, Cadorna, Bovisa - with Terminals 1 and 2 at Malpensa, with one train every 15 minutes in each direction.


You can travel on the Malpensa Express with a  13 euro ticket that can be purchased online on the Trenord website and App or at sales points. When purchasing a Malpensa Express return ticket online - with return within 30 days - tickets have a special price of 20 euros.


Malpensa Express offers even more: together with the ticket for the airport service you can also purchase tickets for regional or national train services and tourist packages for Gite in Treno to the lakes or other destinations.  



Malpensa Express: an interconnected service

With Malpensa Express, you can connect with metropolitan lines and other railway lines in Milan.  Milano Centrale station is reached by national HS lines, international and cross-border connections, regional lines and the M2 and M3 metropolitan lines; Milano Porta Garibaldi station lets you connect with regional, national and international high-speed lines, the M2 and M5 metros; Milano Cadorna station, close to the city centre, is connected to the M1 and M2 metro lines.
All services terminate at Milano Bovisa, the entry station to the Passante Ferroviario, another of the city's underground lines.


Malpensa Express



Milano Centrale-Malpensa Airport:

The Malpensa Express route from Milano Centrale to Malpensa Terminal 2 takes approximately 51 minutes, departing every 30'.


There are departures at 55 minutes past the hour from: Milano Centrale, Milano Porta Garibaldi, Milano Bovisa, Saronno, Busto Arsizio Nord, Malpensa T1 and T2.

There are departures at 25 minutes past the hour from: Milano Centrale, Milano Porta Garibaldi, Milano Bovisa, Saronno, Rescaldina, Castellanza, Busto Arsizio Nord, Ferno-Lonate Pozzolo, Malpensa T1 and T2.25



Milan Cadorna-Malpensa Airport:

The Malpensa Express train with route Milan Cadorna Malpensa Terminal 2 departs every 30 minutes. The total duration of the trip is approximately 37 minutes.


The stops on this route are: Milano Cadorna, Milano Bovisa, Saronno, Busto Arsizio Nord, Malpensa T1 and T2.



Tickets for the Malpensa Express:

Malpensa Express tickets can be purchased online, in Trenord railway ticket offices or at self-service machines. A single ticket Milano-Malpensa costs only 13€ for adults and 6.50€ for children under 14. A return ticket, valid for 30 days if purchased online, costs only 20€. Discover all the Malpensa Express tickets.

As soon as you step onto the train, you can leave the stress of travelling behind: whatever your chosen European or intercontinental destination from Malpensa, you are already there. Passengers arriving at the airport can get on board the train and focus only on the delights that await them in Milan.