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Trenord’s objective is to provide an increasingly adapted response to the growing demand for public mobility among Lombardy’s citizens. Trenord's mission is therefore to put the traveller at the centre, improve quality of life through the provision of quality services, consolidate itself in the territory, relaunch the sector for rolling stock maintenance, and expand regional services into interregional services. However, its role is not only that of a mere economic player: the Company also acts as a social and cultural reference point in the territory where it operates.


The Company undertakes to maintain an attitude of maximum cooperation, based on transparency and correctness, with all stakeholders involved in the performance of its business activities.


Due to the specific nature of the goods produced and the market they are aimed at, the Company has deemed it necessary to adopt certain rules of conduct, both in internal and external relations, aimed at spreading solid ethical integrity at all levels of the Company, along with a strong respect for the law. These rules of conduct are established on the assumption that a clear statement of fundamental values, which inspire everybody to achieve the business objectives, is of central importance for the proper performance of its activities, and constitutes a proper element of support for the Model of organisation, management and control that each Company operating in Italy is required to adopt, for the purposes of the Decree.


In view of the above, this document (hereinafter, the ‘Code of Ethics’) has been approved by the Company's administrative body, which undertakes to ensure maximum dissemination and supervision, also through the control body (hereinafter, the ‘Supervisory Authority’) established pursuant to the Decree.

Download Trenord's Code of Ethics [Italian only] (5.8 kB)

(September 2012 - Update 2017)

Il codice etico