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Conditions for transporting bicycles

You can easily transport bicycles on all Malpensa Express services thanks to the large vestibules in all coaches.


  • In cases of significant crowding, it is possible for on-board staff to limit the access of bicycles on the train;
  • Passengers cannot carry more than one bicycle;
  • Loading/unloading the bicycle is always the responsibility of the passenger;
  • Inside the station, on platforms and in pedestrian underpasses, the bicycle must be pushed by hand.

Bicycle transportation details and prices



Practical travel tips

These are the methods for travelling with your bike on Malpensa Express and Trenord trains:


  • Load the bicycle directly onto the train, paying the ticket extra (see bicycle supplement);
  • Carry your bike in a bag or packaged* (free of charge);
  • Take your folding bike with you, even without a bike bag* (free of charge).


*Remember: packed bikes, enclosed in the bag, or folding bikes must not exceed the size of 80x110x40 cm, and must occupy the space of a common piece of hand luggage without hindering others.

Travelling with Bicycles

Normally yes. However, for safety reasons, it remains at the discretion of on-board staff [the train inspector] to assess whether bicycles can be boarded. We also remind you that, through our Service Contract, it is not possible to load more than 5 bicycles per carriage.

If the bike cannot be folded it must be placed in the vestibules, being careful not to hinder the passage or doors.

  • If there are less than 10 people in the group, it is possible to transport the bicycles simply by purchasing the relevant ticket, making sure you do not place more than 5 bicycles in the same vestibule.

  • If there are more than 10 people in the group, you must make an express request to Trenord before the trip by filling out the form and sending it to comitive@trenord.it. Trenord will then contact you to confirm your booking.


In any case, the on board crew have the right to restrict access to bicycles in the event of crowding.